Bromtree Inquiry

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Bromtree Inquiry is a learning resource created by Brie Liberty. Brie believes in giving children the tools and information they need to make changes in their own lives. She provides information and creates activities aimed at primary age children. Brie combines current research to address current educational needs.

Bromtree Inquiry has just finished creating ‘Yes, I can! Sleep’, which is a learning resource that teaches children tools to improve their sleep.

It is in 5 parts:

  • The Sleep Inquiry Book
    A structured inquiry as a basis for learning about sleep.
  • I am a Sleep Scientist
    Students learn how to analyse their sleep and set goals to make improvements
  • The Teacher Book
    Support and information for teachers
  • Bromtree Website
    Extra resources and support
  • Yes, I can! Parent Page
    A parent support network to discuss sleep issues

‘Yes, I can! Sleep” is a research-based sleep programme designed to be delivered by classroom teachers. It has been through the trial period and we are currently excited to see it being launched in schools.

I wonder what Bromtree Inquiry will do next?

If you would like to contact Brie directly, please do so below.