Clock Setting.

Here’s a short video on how to set the keychain clocks:

Each clock has two small buttons. Most of them have an ‘S’ for set and a ‘D’ which alters the display number. Some don’t have letters but setting them is the same.

To Set:

  1. Click the S once it will show you the date (month/day)
  2. Click the S again and it will come up with a 1 (this represents January)
  3. Press the bottom button to scroll through months and when you reach the month you want click S again.
  4. It will then show you the hour with an A (a.m.) or a P (p.m.)
  5. Scroll through using the bottom button until you have the correct hour
  6. Press S to set
  7. Scroll through the minutes until you reach the correct value
  8. Press S to set


Your clock should now be set!

How to manage without chaos:

Children under 7 may struggle with this task. It might be a great team building buddy class exercise.

In classes of older children, you could have a “clock setting lesson” or you could ask for some helpers to set all of the clocks. I suggest no matter how you do it you choose a few children to set a couple so that they know how to do it.


Potential issues:

Sometimes you need to press the button once or twice before it works. Little fingers will have an easier job of this! You could also use a pen or hair clip to set.

They do have a timer function, however, it’s best to ignore it.

After trails we have found if the middle two buttons arent flashing the clock is paused. It’s easily fixed by pressing the set button once and it will start flashing.


Moe Clocks:

The first some of the first schools have the Moe clock rather than the key chain clock. Please click here for instructions on how to set that up.