Thinking Skills

Fast and simple strategies to get learners to think about their learning. This could involve reflection, summarising information or even process evaluation. Some of these activities can be done in 1 minute and others can be stretched out as a full lesson. 

I am always excited to see new strategies. Share your strategies below.

Showing what I know:

Today I learnt

Draw your brain

Tweet it

Reflection and Evaluation

What Works Well & Even Better If


Two Stars and A Wish

Identify the best fact

Next Step


Where do children play?

James Mollison’s new work photographs different play areas of children around the world.

Look through the images below or click here to see all of them.

How do they compare with your school playground?

What do you see?

What is happening in the pictures?

What was your favourite playground? Why?

What was your least favourite playground? Why?

If you could design a dream playground for your school what would it look like?

Could you share your dream design with the Minister of Education? Email Hon Chris Hipkins here.

Pobble 365

Do you need discussion or writing inspiration? Look at Pobble 365 for daily artworks and stimulus. The opportunities are endless!

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