Stress is a normal part of everyday life. Throughout the day we all face stress and we find strategies to cope with it. Stress can either be good or bad for you. Good stress pushes your body or brain to learn new things or to reach new goals. It might be lifting weights to grow muscles or problem solving to find a solution in a game. Good stress is what we call a challenge and it’s important to be challenged to learn. People feel good emotions (happy, proud, excited) when they complete a challenge. 

Bad stress takes away from our learning and wellbeing. It can make you feel sick and tired. When you feel this kind of stress it’s really hard to control your emotions, learn and be a good friend. Bad stress can be caused by little things like forgetting your homework and it can be caused by big events like moving houses. Everybody needs to find ways to cope with bad stress otherwise it can build up over time. When stress builds up too much, people explode in rage or tears, or they might withdraw alone. People can learn to cope with stress by learning the steps to self-regulation.

Thankfully everyone can learn how to self-regulate and manage their stress. It’s important to manage stress and to find ways to minimise it so that we can be happier, make friends and learn.