Stress Video Series

A child under stress can be a cause of stress for the whole family. Whether they explode with rage, withdraw or throw a mighty tantrum it can be hard to deal with.

Here is a series of videos that will teach you how to recognise stress, what it can do to your tamariki and how you can support them. 

Your Child & Stress- Let’s Fix this mess! 

What is stress and how does it impact my child? 

Under stress children can explode with violent outbursts, swearing, temper tantrums, tears and withdraw.

Our tamariki aren’t behaving like this on purpose.

When our tamariki feel stressed they feel out of control. Nobody likes to feel out of control. They need our help to calm down and to learn how to self-regulate. 

The Science of Stress.

Struggling with stress.
Addressing Stress.

Steps to Success.

Top tips for Stress.