Fighting Sleep.

sheepSleep is an amazing thing and your body actually wants to sleep. Humans are the only animals that avoid sleep and unfortunately, we do a pretty good job of it.

Have you ever stayed up late to finish homework?

Have you ever stayed up late to watch your favourite show?

Have you ever stayed up worrying about an argument with a friend?

All of these things push the sleep away. Sometimes we push sleep away without realising it. There are many ways that you fight sleep away and you might not even mean to. If you find yourself lying in bed worrying, thinking or excited about something quietly say, “I’m not going to think about that now because it’s time to sleep.”
Remind your brain that you want to sleep and put off your thoughts until the morning.

Just being in bed isn’t enough to sleep, you need to welcome it. No matter where you sleep, you should lie down quietly and wait for sleep to arrive. You may close your eyes and pretend you’re asleep, or imagine a place where you feel warm calm and relaxed. If you prepare your body for sleep and welcome it to you, it will come.

If you’ve been fighting sleep off for months or years, your body will need to practice welcoming sleep in. It may be tricky at first, but the more you try, the fast you will fall asleep.

During the night your body will wake up at the end of each cycle. Sometimes you’ll notice these wake-ups, like when you need to go to the toilet, other times you’ll enter the next cycle and forget you ever woke. It’s important to remember that EVERYONE wakes up between cycles, even the Prime Minister. Checking your phone, getting up, or turning on the TV will fight sleep away. If you wake up, keep your eyes closed and gently welcome the sleep back.

Sleep wants to come. Don’t forget it!