Sleep Hygiene

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Sleep Hygiene is all about the routines you have before you go to sleep. People with poor sleep hygiene can struggle to get to sleep and also to stay asleep. It’s easy to improve your sleep hygiene and you should notice the difference pretty quickly.

Here are some top tips:

Try to go to bed around the same time every night. Your body will start to anticipate your bedtime!

Try to keep your bedroom for sleeping; watch tv and play games in other rooms of the house if you can.

Make your bedroom as quiet and dark as possible before you sleep. It is helpful to spend time outside or in the light during the day!

Try to keep your bedroom at the right (16-18 degrees) temperature. It can be tricky to sleep if you are too hot or too cold. Open a window in summer or see if you can use a heater in winter.

Make sure your bed, bedding and linen is comfortable. Scratchy sheets or a lumpy mattress can make it really hard to get to sleep. A bed is tricky to change but washing your sheets in fabric softener might help your sheets.

Try to get exercise during the day. This could be a game of football, your walk to school or even mowing the lawns.

Don’t have a big meal just before you go to sleep, but some people do find it useful to have a light snack.

Avoid anything with caffeine in it for at least 4 hours before bedtime. This includes chocolate, milo and coke! You may need to rethink your dessert options! Caffeine keeps you awake and energised, making it really hard to go to sleep.

Hopefully, by taking on some of these tips, you are able to sleep more easily and for longer. We all know that the better you sleep, the better you learn!

What bedtime routines do you have? Share in the comments below.